12 Oct

How to French Press a Great Cup of Coffee

By Stefanie Frank

Why French Press

French press is one of the simplest brewing methods. It’s easy to master, easy to systematize, and is appreciated by even the most hard core coffee “snobs.” The equipment is relatively inexpensive, low maintenance, and simple to clean and maintain.

How to do French Press right

What You Need:

  • A quality French press
  • High quality freshly roasted coffee beans from a trusted vendor
  • Cold, clean, filtered or bottled water (no distilled water – it will make the coffee taste flat)
  • Digital scale
  • Mid to high end burr grinder
  • Kettle or electric pot with narrow pour spout

How to Brew:

The French press brew method produces some of the best tasting coffee. When paired with the freshest roasted high quality beans you can get, it’s an unbeatable taste combination.

Time: 5 minutes

  • Fill kettle with cold clean water and place on stove burner OR turn on electric pot
  • Preheat French press with some hot water
  • We recommend using 65 grams of coffee per litre of water, which is approximately 2 TBS per 6 ounces of water.
  • Weigh the coffee on your digital scale in whole beans prior to grinding. Hint: lighter roasts take less volume of coffee.
  • Set your grinder to a very coarse setting (if the grind is too fine, the coffee will be bitter and sludgy).
  • Add whole beans to grinder (do not grind until water is boiling)
  • When water is boiling remove the kettle from heat, grind your coffee and add the freshly ground coffee to the press. Hint: the perfect water temperature is 10 seconds after the boil.
  • Immediately start a four minute timer and begin to slowly add water to the press pot. Be sure to add the water at a very slow rate in a circular motion, until all the coffee is saturated
  • Continue to add water until coffee starts to enter the pour spout. Place the plunger/lid on the pot
  • Patiently wait the remainder of the four minutes
  • Place the plunger/lid on the pot and depress the plunger
  • Serve and enjoy

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