29 Nov

[Series Part 3] Why a Coffee Blend Might Be the Right Choice for You

We sell a lot of single origin coffees. Single origin simply means that the beans in your bag of coffee are from a single known geographical origin.

For example right now we offer coffees from the following geographical origins:

  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala (decaf)
  • Nicaragua
  • Kenya
  • Colombia (on order)
  • Peru
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Tanzania
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Kona
  • Jamaica

At the request of our customers, we are rolling out some coffee blends for 2013. A blend happens when a coffee roaster (that’s us) combines more than one single origin bean into a blend that is mixed together. It’s then sold as whole bean or ground coffee.

Here are some reasons customers love our blends:

  • Taste. Our current blends (and new blends we’re experimenting with to roll out in 2013) offer complex rich taste. A lot of customers come to our Farmers Market booth and tell us they like a “strong” or “bold” coffee. Our two current blends, Holiday and Dam Good, were created with this in mind.
  • Easy decision making. Many of you want great tasting freshly roasted coffee but don’t want a lesson in single origin coffees when you’re standing at the booth making your buying decision. This is understandable. Buying a blend allows you to try two or three single origin beans in one. Often customers who buy a blend and love it come back more curious about the single origin beans and will purchase a bag of single origin to expand their coffee experience. 
  • Personalized. We create our blends based on what you tell us you like. And since our inventory is in constant flux and change based on what’s available we get to create blends based on what you tell us you love.

Available Current Blends

Holiday Blend

Our rich fragrant Holiday Blend is a combination of three Fair Trade Organic Coffees: Colombia, Peru, and Sumatra. This trio produces a full bodied flavorful cup perfect for the morning.

True Story: A farmer’s market customer bought one bag of Holiday Blend, went home, and brewed a pot. She loved this blend so much that she rushed back to buy a second bag!

Dam Good Blend

This complex blend is a bit lighter than Holiday Blend. As a combination of Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea and Colombia its wonderful flavors lend themselves to the morning or any time of day.

True Story: A breakfast/lunch café opening in early 2013 in the Las Vegas/Henderson area has chosen Dam Good Blend as the exclusive coffee they are going to serve alongside their delicious entrees and baked goods!


Both of these blends are available at local Farmers Markets and we’ll soon be running a Holiday Blend online special on our new website. Watch for it!

What qualities and flavors do you like most in a coffee? Influence our next blend! Click over to our Facebook Page, “LIKE” it, and write your thoughts on the wall! https://www.facebook.com/FranklyGoodCoffee