19 Mar

SPARE ME The Undertaste!

Small, Medium, Large -- You Tube Video by jimathers

Small, Medium, Large — You Tube Video by jimathers

It was the early 2000s. I went to Starbucks every morning to get my coffee. I and my coffee loving office friends eventually chipped in to get a grinder and a nice brewing vacuum pot so we could grind and brew each morning.


None of us knew there was anything better.

Then Small, Medium, Large came out. I’ll never forget the first time I watched Foamy Squirrel appear at the “Star-Shmucks” counter and say:

I want a f***king large hazelnut coffee not that you know sucky undertaste you people have. F***king nasty. SPARE ME the undertaste!

Uncontrollable laughter at its best.

The thing I miss most about working in an office is the camaraderie I had with my two coffee loving friends. Making and enjoying the coffee in the privacy of my office (away from the swill the rest of the office drank) helped me feel like I was experiencing something exclusive and awesome.

As busy professionals working in a law firm we were stressed out and didn’t have a ton of extra time. One of us had a long commute. One of us had two children. One of our challenges was coordinating who would go to Starbucks (since we didn’t know there was anything better out there) to buy the coffee beans.

If we screwed up and ran out . . . well, it wasn’t a good day. Hindsight being 20/20 it would have been AWESOME to have coffee beans delivered straight to the office, so we’d never run out! We’d have saved a lot of time, stress, and the occasional miserable coffee-less morning.

Fast forward to 2013 and I run a coffee company with my husband. The beautiful thing about this is, we can offer what I never had — what I didn’t even know I wanted back in the early 2000s.

Free Office Delivery. 

It’s better than Starbucks.

It’s free delivery.

It has no sucky undertaste.