Who We Are

We are Glenn and Stefanie Frank, and we started Frankly Good Coffee in the summer of 2011. We’re grateful for the community who has supported us over the years.

It all started with Stef (who was working as an attorney at the time), complaining about how the coffee beans she bought at big box coffee chains and grocery stores weren’t that good – she didn’t know WHY.

Glenn bought a home roaster from Ebay and we were BLOWN AWAY by how much better freshly roasted coffee tasted. Better than almost ANYTHING!

On a trip to Tucson, Arizona in spring of 2011, Glenn and Stef went to a farmers’ market and saw a coffee business there – roasting and selling coffee at the market.

Two months later, Frankly Good Coffee was born. Fresh 52 was our first farmers’ market in Las Vegas and we quickly grew to nearly 5 markets per week most weeks.

Air Roasting

We started air roasting (also called fluid bed roasting) with a one pound roaster from Sonafresco. Customers were amazed by how great the coffee tasted. We soon purchased another one pound roaster, followed by a two pound roaster to keep up with demand. A few years later, we stepped up to a Sivetz air roaster. We began partnering with cafes and restaurants who care about serving fresh, quality coffee to their customers.


Suzuya Patisserie