Fresh roasted coffee is coming more and more into focus for consumers. Not just for “coffee snobs” anymore, fresh roasted coffee appeals to anyone who wants a better tasting hot morning (or afternoon or evening) beverage.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Tastes Better

Consumers like you realize that fresh roasted coffee not only tastes better than its shelf-dwelling-for-months stale counterparts (on supermarket shelves and in certain not to be named chain coffee outlets), it’s also pretty easy to find. Not only that, the cost of fresh vs stale coffee is often comparable – so there’s low to no financial risk in trying it.

The easiest way to tell if you like fresh coffee better is to try it. Check your local farmers market – a lot of roasters work out of markets these days. Check your local coffee shops. Ask if they roast their own coffee (some do). If they don’t roast their own coffee, ask where they get it and how old it is.

To See If It’s Fresh, Check the Roast Date

Most importantly, read the labels! Every bag of coffee beans should have a roast date on it (you want a ROAST date, not a “drink by” date). Anything roasted within the last 4-8 weeks is worth tasting. You never know, but you’ll probably be converted!

Last but not least, buy whole bean coffee if at all possible. Whole bean coffee stays fresher longer than ground. Think about bread. You know how a whole loaf of bread stays fresher longer than it’s sliced counterpart? It’s exactly the same with coffee.

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