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Our Kiva loan story began in October, 2016. We went to Coffee Fest Anaheim.

Our main purpose was twofold:

  1. Mingle and meet new people
  2. Get ideas for new packaging to go with our new logo.

We did not expect to launch a new branch of our business. Then we met Bona Fide Brewing Co. They have a unique specialty: they brew and keg nitro coffee. That’s ALL they do. Their founder patented a vacuum process that ensures freshness and stability up to 90 days when refrigerated.

All That Potential Requires Investment – Enter a Kiva Loan

We saw the potential of getting involved. We opened talks with Bona Fide, and after a few weeks got a distribution contract for Las Vegas. This meant equipment. 3 tap kegarators to be exact. We invested in 4 to start and knew we would need to raise a preliminary round of funding to invest in more.

That’s where Kiva comes in. This is our story of filing our Kiva application, getting amazing support from our and the Kiva community, getting funded and ultimately how the funds helped us grow our business in new and exciting ways.