In 2012 a study by Adobe identified what they called the Creativity Gap – while 25% of participants considered themselves creative, up to 80% of those same people believe creativity is key to economic and societal growth. While the gap seems wide – even insurmountable – what if the solution is simpler than we think?

Creativity is defined daily, by people like YOU.

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The Collective is a group of podcast listeners and coffee lovers who are dedicated to putting their ideas into action. As a group, we will find, share, and amplify creative ideas that seemingly ordinary people are working on to create change in their personal and professional lives, and also in their industries and communities.


Who You’ll Meet In This Episode

Victor’s definition of creativity:

It’s not creative until you have the guts to try it. 

Salvador’s definition of creativity:

Creativity is hands on learning as you’re doing and hoping that there’s a project in place that you can learn something from that experience.

  • BenJoe Markland  – This is BenJoe’s second appearance on the show. He talks about how he manages his time and energy to show up every day and do the important things. BenJoe’s first appearance on the show is here

Fuel Your Creative Ideas is Presented by Frankly Good Coffee  

The Frankly Good Coffee Story, Part 2:

Glenn is the roast master behind Frankly Good Coffee – which is crazy because he used to drink the coffee served on construction sites and think it was perfectly fine.

Except it wasn’t!

When he was laid off from his job at an architecture firm in 2009, Glenn floundered a bit.

Until we went to a farmers market in Tucson Arizona and saw a man roasting coffee beans in the back of his truck and selling them!

And that’s where it began!

Check out Frankly Good Coffee  for freshly roasted coffee, online ordering and subscriptions, including our new Creative Fuel Blends, created by Glenn to celebrate this podcast! Can’t wait to fill YOUR coffee orders!

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