The ability to widen and flex your own perspective  is what allows you to execute on your creative ideas. In this episode we hear about perspective from three different women with different personalities, careers and . . . perspectives. While it’s relatively easy to keep and identify with a perspective, can you identify indicators that something about your perspective needs to change?

Creativity is defined daily, by people like YOU.

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Who You’ll Meet In This Episode

  • Clancy Harrisonregistered dietitian, TEDx speaker, and food justice advocate. Learn about Clancy and her work here.

Clancy’s definition of creativity:

It’s honestly being open to seeing differently. When you’re able to do that, things appear differently and you have a different perspective. Which  opens up other channels of how you approach something. When you can appreciate situations and people for who they are, whether you agree with them or disagree with them, I think a lot of creative solutions can happen.

Rachel’s definition of creativity:

I define creativity as  a person’s unique way of looking at a situation or a problem.

  • Stacey Dougan  – Chef/Owner of Simply Pure, a restaurant in Las Vegas.

Stacey’s definition of creativity:

Being in the flow, being happy and not caring what anyone thinks.

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