We can’t execute on our creative ideas without confidence, which includes trusting our instincts. The ability to identify what lights you up, and take action based on instinct, trust, patience, circumstance and risk tolerance creates results and scenarios that could never occur the same way twice, and could certainly never be planned for. What lights YOU up?

Creativity is defined daily, by people like YOU.

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Who You’ll Meet In This Episode

Stacey’s definition of creativity:

Being in the flow, being happy and not caring what anyone thinks.

Stacey shares an amazing story of one incident in 2016 that helped turn her struggling restaurant around – along with what she learned from it and how she practices relationship building, self trust, patience, and following her instincts as she builds Simply Pure into the impactful brand she envisions. 

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The Frankly Good Coffee Story, Part 4: 

Glenn’s idea to do air roasted coffee at farmers markets quickly caught on. 

Our customers loved learning about things like 

  • Why you should only buy fresh coffee
  • Why it’s better to buy whole bean coffee and grind as you go 
  • The importance of using good water

The more they learned, the more we heard things like “yours is the only coffee I can drink black,” and “I never knew coffee could taste this good.” 

Well . . . it CAN.

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