Episodes 9, 10 and 11  look at individuals making big moves – within companies and as entrepreneurial ventures. Making big moves in this context means creating something new that has a huge impact – not just on the individual or team doing the creating, but on some part of the world at large. 

Creativity is defined daily, by people like YOU.

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The Collective is a group of podcast listeners and coffee lovers who are dedicated to putting their ideas into action. As a group, we will find, share, and amplify creative ideas that seemingly ordinary people are working on to create change in their personal and professional lives, and also in their industries and communities.


Who You’ll Meet In This Episode

Clancy’s definition of creativity:

It’s honestly being open to seeing differently. When you’re able to do that, things appear differently and you have a different perspective. Which  opens up other channels of how you approach something. When you can appreciate situations and people for who they are, whether you agree with them or disagree with them, I think a lot of creative solutions can happen. Clancy also appeared in Episode 3.

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The Frankly Good Coffee Story, Part 1: 

Frankly Good Coffee  started with Stef complaining about how she could not find any coffee beans that she liked anywhere. This was 10 years ago, when specialty coffee was not as prolific as it is now. Her husband, Glenn, tried to remedy the situation by getting them a home roaster, which was great in theory until Stef’s first batch of beans caught on fire! Fortunately, the house did not burn down and Stef and Glenn became prolific at the art of home roasting. Turns out they were just getting started. 

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