Coffee Roaster & Nitro Cold Brew Distributor
in Las Vegas, NV

Restaurant Locations

Vegenation (Fair Trade, Organic Peru & Sumatra brewed in french presses and sold by the pound – Vegenation also proudly serves our Black Canyon Cold Brew)

Suzuya Pastries (coffee brewed fresh using the Curtis Gold Cup Single Cup Brewer). Suzuya also serves Bona Fide Craft Draft nitro cold brew.

Farmers’ Market Locations (where we roast coffee beans LIVE right before your eyes)

Friday (9am-2pm)

Downtown 3rd Farmers Market

Saturday (9am-1pm every 2nd & 4th Saturday)

Fresh52 Inspirada, Solista Park

Sunday (8:30am – 1pm)

Fresh52, Sansone Richmar Plaza

Nitro Cold Brew Retail Locations

We distribute the best tasting Nitro in Vegas (brewed by Bona Fide Brewing Co.). Stop into any of these retail locations to enjoy the varieties they serve

Suzuya Pastries

Boulder City Co. Store

Great Harvest Bread (Marks St)

Great Harvest Bread (Horizon Ridge)

Great Harvest Bread

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