Bolivia FTO Colonial Carana


Amazing, rich tasting medium/dark roast.

  • Cupping Notes: Heavy rich aroma, low acidity, smooth body, sweet milk chocolate flavour,
  • Aroma: Slightly spicy, full to heavy bodied, mild acidity, and has surprisingly good balance.
  • Certification: Fair Trade, Organic


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These coffee farmers are known as “colonials.” During the 1950’s, wealthy and large land owners took over this region. They confiscated the properties from the natives, then enslaved the people by forcing them to work for them. In 1991, through a governmental land reform, the larger landowners were made to relinquish their holdings of these small farms and return the rightful ownership back to the families who had originally owned them. These small farms still surround the parameters of the large landowners, but they are no longer reliant on them for survival. They are independent and have title to their own land. They now have the freedom to search for ways to improve their income, their own lives, and the health of their community.

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