Red Rock Espresso Blend


You love dark roast. And yet, too often you find that dark roasts are just a smidge too dark and taste like crap.

Your first and hundredth sips of Red Rock Blend restore your faith that dark roast produces a wonderful flavor of coffee – and that your taste is impeccable.

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The perfect sipping coffee. It’s nice and dark  without being overroasted. Named for the spectacular Red Rock Conservation Area near Las Vegas, NV, this dark roasted blend has a rich mouth feel that tastes amazing, time after time. Never bitter, always satisfying, Red Rock Espresso Blend is a coffee you’ll come back to over and over again as a reliable staple in your home coffee arsenal.


Tastes best when ground in a burr grinder just before brewing. Works great in home espresso machine, french press and aero press.


Flavor: soft nuttiness, sweet fruit, cocoa

Body: Rich

Acidity: Clean, Bright

Geography: Central America & India

Producer: Atlas Coffee, Walker Coffee

Variety: Nicaragua, Guatemala, India

Roast Profile: #7 (on a scale of 1-10)

Roast Date: Within days of you buying or ordering it

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